Apr 24, 2012

It's Summer!

Soooo Hot in M'sia here!! Why? Is it because of Summer? But we are all in Summer all time right?
What can we do under this hot sun?

Cam whore in The Manhatten Fish Market@Pavilian
Yup, camera on like never care how hot it is...Use the brightness to shine my photos~Whee!!
It's a photo taking day at KLCC Kuala Lumpur~ A nice background!!
Another favorite snap of me..~ 

Go for an indoor shopping is the best!! 
If you don't wanna walk under the hot sun,
use the newly build bridge to pass from KLCC to Pavilian!! Awesome air-conditioned Bridge!

Well...Not much for that day...busy walking around from KLCC to Pavilian then Sg.Wang...Luckily I did watched a nice show from Snips Academy..They are having a fashion show for SS12. 
Their show included hair makeover Live on stage, Fashion show by fashion designer and Guest performance- Suki from One in a million show-8TV.

   It's a nice show indeed~ My holiday won't be boring with all these Fashion thingy...Haha.. ^^

  Join some fun event or performance in the shopping mall!! There's nice event almost everyday for this Summer.
April 20, Sunday is the Epop Magazine 7th anniversary and they actually having a Party Celebration for the 1st time located at the main court@ Sg,Wang!! How could Kpop lover miss it?!
  As I'm free that day, decided to join the Korean Heat in there,,,And its worth!!
See...I met up with so many stars..haha.CNBlue and BigBang at the center top!
Yes, found my beloved JYJ there!!

And for this, Jaejung solo poster.

Isn't these two look familiar? It's WangSaejja and Parkha from Rooftop prince!!
  Ohh yea, there's live dancing crew performed BigBang-Fantastic Baby and Suju-Mr.Simple..Nice!!
  Daebak for the fans there..they shouted like in a real concert XD

Me after the event...Head to Holika Holika and bought some skincare~ Whose behind me with a Cool face? It's Yonghwa from CNBlue~
Or going out at night... 
                   The weather would be breezy and the view is awesome at the same time!!!
Before back...Such a nice night view at Times Square front door...;)
K..This is extra one..Got to join a concert with my friend's tickets.He was a nice violin performer indeed.
Where was it?? Haha...
For Wei Yong: You really did a great job in concert. Don't worry! Bravo to you ;)
And....Thx for the tickets..Haha

So...what's event more coming up? I would say the college life..It's getting closer..
Wonder what would I learn, lecturer I'll meet, and friends....hope all would be Cool!
*Latest news from Starbucks, there's a new beverages named-Cookies Crumble Frappuccino just for this Summer!! And plus, half price offer for member on Wednesday and for all on Friday!! What a big surprise for starbucks coffee fans!! Gonna get myself one in this HOT HOT weather~ ;)

Happy Go Summer! ,