Dec 17, 2012

PPS Grand Event

As I said in last post~ 
I kinda missed out every nice moment during this month cuz busy with assessment..
However, it's holiday now..and I will try my best to flash back the past memories ;)
The grand event after assessment would definitely be...Librarians Annual Dinner Event!
Theme for this year was Beach Rendezvous located at Mines Wellness Hotel..The date even made this event more special...It was 12.12.12! Only for this very special year. 

View.....just so awesome~ important it is in my life...since I wrote my name on the temu duga list.
I definitely can say, that's the place where I grow, to be a responsible, 
cheerful and friendly person.

I don't know whether other school's librarian same as SMKTC's, 
but it means a lot and became part of my life...till now.
I still can clearly remember, the gotong-royong, check stocks, carnival, 
newbies entering and the seniors farewell...
some funny moment such as hiding between the bookshelves or chit-chatting while doing deco in the Ms.Ma's office...

I know it would be a nice memory, even though the saddest moment facing difficulties with late enter the dewan kena borang, or the worry moment when wanna pass up report during meeting... 

Now, there's no more 15 mins rings rush to dewan, wrong format report to be scolded by Aunchian..and Leehom's song booming the library during check stocks..

Indeed, it's been a year, I leaves this favorite place.
Then now, I hardly could describe my feeling on that day, when I met them, 
my beloved juniors, after one year. 
I cherish the short moment, when we all gather again, sing again and laugh again..

Okay, enough with long paragraph..let's the photo talks begin ;)
Im like on a vacation in this photo yay~
Not a real beach but a nice beach :)
Booklet of the year...(Used to be my IMPORTANT MISSION for past annual dinner LOL)
Catch hot babes and take photos is a must on event...Jia Jad- was my junior aka penolong for ketua perhiasan.
Hui Chii~ A very cheerful AJK and important person for the board
(Performed well that day too! :))
Three angels of the night~ Kung, Bilian and Tiffany
My beloved Ms.Ma, librarians board teacher advisor..
This year's Form 5 PPS~
Bu and Jun
Girls performance for this year
Best "Female" actress of the day..Mrs 萝卜丝

suddenly have a game like running man...Haha~
Boys dance~

The epic moment of all~ PPS Style...Whole ballroom dance together! Totally Awesome~

We are the oldest senior that day~ What a proud, sad

With Dash Chong...He was once my partner during fashion show...want a pic? haha there u go..=P

What a nice funny memory~ We even danced on the stage with Hawaiian style xD

From left: Bilian, Li Sheng, Midnite Lee, MengLiang, Me, Dash and Meng Jet.

This is Jia Hui & Jia Hui's shoot~ Tehee ;)

And Jun Xian, my 118 bro who has same birthday~

Ba-Qin~ The dancer every year's annual dinner

Jenn Yuan~ The best performer of the night! He was the "Best Female Actress" I mentioned above xD

And ya..Siobhan..The chairlady for board 2012/13...The organizer of this event too. Thank you so much for inviting me and others ex-Form5 pps :)

Kian Jeep~ another best performer of the night~

Jun "Oi"~ haha

With the Sexy ladies...Min Hui, Min Yee and Jia Jad

Selca time with Mengliang, Dash and Junyuan~

And with my partner of the day..haha~ Miss Shin Liew

Bu~ Bububu Kai Jun.."Since when you are taller than me even im wearing high heels?" Oh-no~

And the Tallest guy.....Aunchian Yeoh..Ex-Ex Chairman of the Librarian's Board.

Last one...OOTD: Tiger printed dress and Black Flare Outer

Extra photos.....continue to scroll down **
These were the last year and past few years Majlis Perpisahan PPS...
A Sombre Jubilation:

Whispers In The Frost~

Okay..this is truly of last year which I just found..LOL! Was walking up stage to take cert i think haha..
Thats all...finally~ If you are a PPS who read this..I'm curiously waiting yr reply for yr most memorable moment in the awesome board!

(All the best to all graduated Form 5 PPS..wish you all choose the correct path and shine in the future!)
(For PPS juniors who still holding the post in board, you guys really did great, continue your spirit as a PPS and let the board ROCK ON! )

Waiting for next gather moment...