Jul 14, 2016

Where to Find Courage?

Self thought post. Ignore if you in a rush, stop & read if you need a Chicken soup. :)

We always need courage and confident in doing something, 
by something that can be anything you need and must do, or you want to do, wish to do in daily life.
What if you losing courage someday in doing something? 

I were losing courage recently when having many things to do and doesn't know where to start.
More, doubting myself if these thing can be done by me. (that Really can? moment.)
So, I put myself in a position where I must find back my courage first than anything else.
One word that most discouraging me is IMPOSSIBLE,
when I would question myself over hundred times cuz I lack of trust on my ability, lack of confident.

Just then,

"The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible." Alice Kingsleigh.

That's the quote from The Alice, on the right time I watched this movie on screen.
Referring her quote, funny thing is that I even doubting something that is possible, 
therefore I told myself let's give it a twist to trust even the impossible can be possible! 
Seems everything turns bright in a sudden! 
*See what happen when you jussst give a new thought to your mind? -,-

I could almost sum up this 115 mins movie as my personal motivation talk slide show, haha! 
Self Reflect Time!

Apart from all the inspiring scene in Alice Through The Looking Glass which never disappoint me,
which is also initial reason of making this movie a must watch for me, 
I just can't leave all the powerful dialog behind after really watching it.

Here's another one,
"You might not change the past, but you might learn something from it." Time said that.
Oh and Time, is a He. 
*Tips: Be really focus on dialog about him with the friends of Hatter at the Tea Party, 
it keeps you wonder++ and confuse++ when you start thinking heh.

Let's label changing the past equals to impossible,
so if the thing is impossible, I can't really do it or end with a success as it might call.
But, I sure would learn something from trying to conquer it, and that's what important in life.
I love to see when Alice recklessly used the Chromosphere trying to change the past,
but then she realize something more precious than simply changing it.
As everything in life happen for a reason, rather thinking that how the things should went like 
and start putting on words like "if I knew".. "If there's second chance.." 
I shall just let them go through the past and say, "Yea , that thing happened and turn out like this,
so I learn something from it.", right?

Okay it's getting late and I don't know what I am writing about anymore. 
(No I am not having Dory Symptom yea? Pls watch Finding Dory on last call lol!)

To conclude my post, go watch Alice Through the Looking Glass
if you love fairy tale, love nice graphic or costume or colors, love the storyline,
love the first episode Alice in the Wonderland,
or simply love Alice the brave girl who growing up with you in a reality yet still fantasy world.

Oh and I just dye my hair like this!

Ash green, purple and brown goes well. Sorry to the stylist as I was doubting him before seeing this outcome. He did a very good job plus made my hair looks healthier!


Jun 27, 2016

Day 9 & 10- Of Food Hopping and Last Shopping

23 May 2016- Day 9

Continue the journey in Oz, and yup I am slowly wrapping this up.

Day 9/10 of our trip..
started with another nice weather and comfy morning in Melbourne friend's home.
We head over to the city by car and straight to parking, cuz we gonna hop around the city yay!
Let's call this day, the best Oz snacks hopping day! As I could hardly remember..
how many types of food we tried out and how many meal in this day. It all started with nice bowl of hot soup in The Soup Place.

Why here? Because this shop is doing something simply amazing with the colorful wall full of papers.
Apart from serving various flavor of soups and bread to customer, they are running campaign of donation for homeless people in that area.
It was definitely a small place which giving warm and love to the needed ones. :)

With this very kind friend and pro tour guide who welcoming us full of love to where he lives in these years!
After soups, we walked to take tram off the city.
We were heading to the Melbourne Harbour Town to do some shopping! 
Like my friend AC said so, the clothes here was nicey nicey and definitely Not pricey pricey if you know which brand to go,
so we got to shop separately as many as we want to, and gather back at 2pm.
I got a beige color dress which look exactly chic and super cheap around $5!
(*It definitely doesn't look like the price and you will never know until I tell you :P )
I am very picky in shopping actually hehehe so I only bought that dress and a necklace in same shop for like another $3, what the~~~
Happy kid I am to spend so less.
Succeed to gather at 2, we were all starving and craving for thisss...
San Churro~ Chocolate fondue~ Churro~ Strawberries~ So dead.

Churros is Love! Girls being girls~

OK next, we head back to the city area with tram again..
Right after taking so many photosss out of no where around Harbour Town, while AC busy finding a place to Top Up our MyKi card.

Breezy breezy day.

I literally turned my friend into a supermodel look for this shot!
 best #OOTD for him, thumbs up!

Back in city with tram, I was heading to HM again to see if their season clothes had something special..
Hmm ending up more OL wear that's it so I was end up empty handed.
Same thing happen to Zara so yeah I think I had done my shopping of the day.What's better thing to do?
Find some nice fooood!
We got to eat this N2 Nitrogen made Ice Cream (Soft serve) served by a friendly lady who look pretty much like a Malaysian, I bet she is!

Her recommendation was rather creepy because there's some bugs in the menu, so we picked a safe-to-eat after voting session among us.
This soft serve.This board.This weather (little rain drops coming) This clothes I able to wear here...
Was dreamily perfectily matchy. 

Just when I feel like we are done eating, the next stop we turned into a burger shop!
Hahaha like woots! But this is a unique burger shop which promote vintage video games.
We didn't manage to eat the other day with a long queue so this day we were having more luck.
The 8-Bit Burger Checked.

Done? Not yet! After looking around the shop, we had teas in hand for free,
trying how the western tea taste like the Chinese tea so much.
On the opposite shop of tea there's Zumbo!
We had tried their macaroons but not their cakes yet, so a caramel chocolate cake we bought.
Taste as classy as the price for this one, haha!

I don't know where all the food went, cuz next thing we do while the sun goes down was heading to
Tommy Ruff Fish Bar!
The weather was getting too cold so the fried fishes and chips were perfect! So far the best Fish and chips in Oz!
So we managed to kept the best for Last~ (*Don't ever remind me of the same kind of meal in Taronga Zoo..definitely not the same kind.)

The interior was all goes marine style with this super cute *Bloop Bloop fish water jar when you start pouring water.

These fish taste so fresh and crispy~ And the waitress were extremely friendly and helpful!

Wrapped this day off with a random walk by the seaside in dark, only beside the fish bar.
That was TOO COLD to stay!

24 May 2016- Day 10 (Last Day)

Finally our nice trip is coming to the end..
This day we woke up to pack everything, then heading to brunch at Chez Dre , a very cozy cafe.
My (I-don't-wanna-leave-face) :X

Had a table of nice eggs and toast thing.
Then, we were heading to Le Miel (again, if you checked my previous post) for one last time of the crazily amazing taste of their signature French Toast!

That mocha was no joke! Best of the best I adore you~

After the best brunch ever, we ready to the Melbourne Zoo!
Gonna say buh-bye with my dear Koala and Kangaroo once again~
A non-sleeping Koala = we hit the Jackpot! Hahahaahaa Cuz they sleep for 20 hours a day~

From a super near distance to see this lemurs, but no they don't sing "I like to Move it move it~" 

Hey Friend, How's it goin?

Lee Kwang Soo! Part II...

The little blue penguins.... I miss Philip Island!

Bye bye dear Kangarooo ~


Melbourne Zoo checked.

If you know why we post like this...

By the way, a random creative building in Melbourne street before the dark.

We head to dine dine again, on the way to last Oz good Soft Serve..I spot Converse Factory Outlet in Fitzroy!
It is a factory you see, so we got amazed by the shoes and price again and again!
I spotted the Chuck Taylor All Star Lux Wedge in White on sale $50 so I rushed to buy it..
However, when I came to pay at counter it was actually discount to $25, around RM75 only~
What a big sale but I can't get another pair of ideal one in there and they rushing to close the outlet.
Anyway, I got a pair of them Yay!

Ice cream after a walk from the outlet and then, AC drive us to Chemist Warehouse.
Here, I manage to get Versace Perfume for only $50! It was a half price and more from price I got to buy in KL here, same as the Converse shoes!
I called this a very big success right before I head back home.
Oh ya, and a useful Papaya cream for my mom to try on. (It turn out very good for any scars on hands/ legs ya!)

Very very last dinner in Oz finally, had a super nice Thai food - Paradai Thai 2
I definitely a fan of their green curry! I am craving for them in KL now...*Sad

(Such coincidence I was having Thai food as my last meal in LA last year, my fate with Thai food.)
All taste heavenly good!

Guess I am writing this trip to an end now.
Finally I did not gave up in typing and recording my travel stories...

Wokkay, I sincerely thanks my friends who torelate and take good care of me during this trip,
especially AC who offer too much for us 4 to disturb his crib and blocking him to go class haha!
It was so much fun and good memories, talks and beautiful landscape from the other side
which I will never ever forget, with reading my blog again next time. ;)

Thank you for reading, and if you wanna go to these places
let me know so I could give a good recommendation or 2.
10/10 Australia-Melbourne And Sydney Trip