Dec 23, 2011

♥ Christmas Eve Eve Party

Yup~It's actually an EVE Eve party I organized with friends today..
Sang for 6 hours non-stop in Neway was totally FUN!!
Well, guys was a bit cold and emo in the room..but we Girls did ROCK the party ON!
K-pop, Hip Hop & Disco~ And the best part would be G6+ Put your hands up!
It's a memorable day again with my classmate..not 5S1, but Rock S1? LOL!
Yea, life would be different after high school..With a little crazy high PARTY~
How's your Christmas Eve for Eve Eve or the Big Day would be?
Well, like we did today..Just enjoy it!

Gosh!I was so happy back there..LOL!

Happy Merry Christmas Day!!! (*Simply wanna make my sentence longer~ =P)

Probably not going to post during the real day,
Imma gonna have some FUN for the whole Christmas~ Weeee! XD

That's the Jingle bells ROCK~~!

Christmas Song from JYJ~
It's Christmas Eve!! Yay~

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