Oct 17, 2013

10 days Trip to Japan vol:2 大阪市sightseeing

お元気ですか? Let's continue my 2nd post of my 10 days in Japan this hot evening in Malaysia.. ;)
Before we proceed to Nara, this post still would continue my trip in Osaka 大阪市.

Through this post, I will introduce you the nice places that I've visited after 2 days show in Osaka-大阪市. So, 1st post about my designs showcase in Sakura Collection, now is a post for sight-seeing around Japan! :D
The 3rd day we were still in Osaka, but it's the 3rd hotel that I checked in.
For your travel information, 1st hotel was Granvia Umeda Hotel (Nearby Breeze Breeze Shopping Centre), 2nd was Kanku Washington Hotel (Nearby Kansai International Airport)
3rd now was Hotel Universal Port, which links to the Universal Studio Japan.

Schedule of the day: 1st- Samurai Experience!

We went to this Samurai class by bus in the morning where we would get some professional training of how to act and move like a samurai~ Definitely fun and excited for all of us, but I think its so hard for me to use the sword..(I can't take it out and put it back smoothly lol..lack of samurai-to-be potential ^^''
The very "polite-looking" samurai...was an epic fail! Hahaha..I should act fierce.. xD
Cute samurai Amy Ban aka Designer, Fashion lecturer from Busan and Chae Been Park aka Miss Korea.
(We kept saying that Amy actually looks more like a ninja cuz she can jump and move fast lol!)
They helped us to put on the Samurai's costume as we have no idea how to wear correctly~ 
*Japanese do concern of food and clothing, so if not sure of the proper way of wearing, 
better ask them for help! :)
Samurai Newwy in action!
We had the class for around 1 hour in the Samurai classroom..learnt some basic move of showing respect to others, how to bring out sword and put in back in correct way,attack and defends skill and lastly to pair up for a "fight" groups action. Then we ended up with a cool Samurai group photo!

Up next, we stopped by beside the road and walked into a lively street full with different food restaurants and shopping brands. We were there for our Sushi Making Session and lunch~ I personally love the street cuz of their unique restaurant deco and Japanese people who walked around me. Feel so Japan! x)

Some photos to share with~ and photo with the producer of Sakura Collection-Ms. Noriko :)
We were finally arrived to the lunch place, on the 3rd floor without crowd..."Daikisuisan" Sushi Restaurant

The CEO of Daikisuisan was explaining about the history of their restaurant 
and how they process their fresh fish to become delicious food on sushi.

We were proud to watch the chef live in front of our eyes how to handle the big huge fish!

Large fish=large fish head :P

Amy was kissing the fish head!! OMG!
Explaining the different parts of a salmon fish..the fair part contains more fats 
and more expensive as its only small amount in a huge fish body.
We were making our own sushi topping with fresh salmon! Happpiiieeeee haha..
I can finally taste salmon fish in Japan after 2 days..my Fav!

Awesome sushi plate, fish and desserts after the Sushi Making~ 
another tummy fulled lunch! 
Group photo in front of "Daikisuisan"

Walking around the street after lunch to digest...hahaha! In fact, even walking I saw the amazing view of Osaka streets, so true and 可愛い~

Truong Tri Truc Diem aka Miss Vietnam posing on Osaka-shi.

                                           Spotted Starbucks Coffee aka Tsutaya in Japan!
Having fun on street! 

Vietnam TV host: Tung Leo with Vietnam designer

I like the busy street view in Osaka..it's Sunday a holiday to most of them! Do you like it too? ;)

After that here we were...to the Osaka Castle.
Another Beauty of Japan! I like the color combination so much! :D
we went up all the ways to have a glance of Osaka.

It worth for us to climb upstairs in Osaka Castle for this view because its definitely was to-die-for! 
*Shh...Saw this cute family scene and I can't control myself to snap this photo..they are so 可愛い especially the two kids with traditional japanese clothes on awww~~

We actually spend all our energy on this day..do so many activities in the whole morning and afternoon, so early evening we have a short rest in Hotel Universal Port, and night we were lucky to get into Universal Studio Japan!!
We walked down from our hotel as Universal Studio just located opposite nearby. And not forget to mention Hotel Universal Port was having Halloween deco and Ocean theme for rooms which I really appreciate the nice interior! :)) 

Spotted Hard Rock Cafe from far away...Rock'in my night in USJ!
Ticket for USJ!! Spiderman is the main character now? So we go for it!

Photo with the signature of Universal Studio Earth is a must! I AM HERE!!!

Halloween spirits everywhere...but also..live Zombies everywhere!! Well even though I don't believe they are really real, but with the "real" make-up, clothes, act and sound effects cover all the studio..we ended up running around escape from zombies..lol!

We went into this 4D Spiderman which was awesome! 
Explored in the 4D world with the amazing spiderman! ;)

Supper in Cafe.

The unforgettable night in Osaka ended here in the wonderland..USJ!

Next post, Nara.奈良市.     
To be continue......