May 6, 2013

Celebration before Election

It's our friend-Bu birthday on 5th May..we were celebrated with him a day earlier as his birthday would be election day for Malaysia.

Venue: Shabu Garden, Jln Manis 4,Tmn Segar
Time: 7pm
Attended ppl: Bu, JingYi, Junyuan, ChingHui, Yuen-Yi, Andrew, Jeff, Ac, Brendon
(Stated the list cuz nt all in my photos..Ac just came by short while due to coming exam and some went home earlier..some arrived late. #Watabusyschedule they have..I should cherish my one month holiday now..hehe)

Continue with pics that will bring you to! As there's quite a number of us,
we straight away ordered a set which come with 4 diff sups, added 2 sups for RM1..

It's my first try in this Shabu Garden restaurant, yet most of us who went too..even though we always go nearby that area. But it somehow impressed us with the total of 10 diff choices of sups, e.g. chicken, pork bone, Bakuteh, Herb, Pumpkins etc. All tasted so good! :)

I ate too much of vege and my fav scallops thatt day lol~ Vege always a NONO to me but  isn't this look way much cuter than other vege? (what am i talking. xD )

Okay after that, it's (birthday song+cake+special candles prepared by me) time~ This time I discovered long candles which I hardly found in KL Festival hehe~ Awesome candles is a must!
 See our birthday boy surprised by the candles? hahaha

Somehow, I thought our 1st wishes gonna come true..haizzz. It should be! Well, if u get what we wished for :)

Photo session with BOTD: Boss of the day

Happy Birthday again Bu~ Welcome to the 19th group :)
And for my Malaysia readers, stay strong, never give up..for a better tomorrow!

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