May 10, 2016

Escape to Urban

I don't know why it took me so long until this year to find out
 about this cool event happening in KL every year.

It's an artistic urban event, Malaysia's Creative Arts Festival- Urbanscapes 2016.

Okay probably because this year poster was too attractive for me to check it out!
Or, the Pop Up Artistic box located on the LRT station where I will pass by every weekdays?
Photo credit to Time Out. com
(*Most LRT station have this box with different art design, if you notice.)

Surprisingly less people actually stop by and take photo in these boxes, 
(What social media had changed us homo sapiens so far.)
Maybe people can't pretend there's only him/herself in the world 
while it was a super busy traffic flowing train station. For example, me. Haha.


What is Urbanscapes?
It was founded since Year 2002 (so many years ago!), 
playing role as one of the longest-running creative arts festival in Malaysia. 
This event was initially aiming to gather Malaysian creative communities from every art related fields 
e.g: music, arts, design, film etc, which now turn into one of best event around the world. 

Our community-centric festival is built on the belief that great things happen when people come together.
--Message from the Urbanscapes committee.

To sum up, Urbanscapes is a cool event which will spoon-feed you for a full day of music, arts, design, film and fun at the festival! 

Here is the timetable which I got on the day I went to Urbanscapes House.
I went on 6th May, which was a usual day in their schedule, only exhibition-cafe-and a night live band was happening.
I still remember the guy assist me on the register counter, he show me this schedule and hand cover up the whole page on the left, 
saying: these all unavailable, because too late liao, already passed.Hahaha wokey~
 I knew that I missed out a lotss of fun when I was busy working, but nevermind.
I almost gonna tell him, I was actually here to see the neon light underground because it will be so cool if I got to take picture in there! Heh.

Then I explore the little Urban House with my photographer in crime, my mom ;) 

Went up Level 1 for the [Cannot Be Bo(a)rdered] exhibition at first.
(I was sooo glad I chose to go up rather down first because this area had good air-conditioned 
for a hot baby (Me) after a walk from Masjid Jamek LRT station.)

It was a skateboard exhibition with many artistic skateboards.
People write on, draw on the boards,

 or even glue on to be a sculpture or a windmill!
So good to look at.

Samurai Warrior! Somehow, tribal.

Click in below for a windmill chill. :)

Some extra: 

Made me hungry. :p

Love this color combination.

Walking down to B1 Underground. Ready?

OMG What is this?!Hahaha my photographer literally got scared by this view once stepped in.

But wait, it was actually creepily cool!

Camoflage into the space.

Find me in between the neon light.

This wall was a Fab! 

I remember when I was a little younger, I wish I own this type of "messy" wall.
Well, I guess I don't have to now because I found it in here underground of Urbanscapes House.

And another extra:
In another room underground.

Some of the things we see, we read, we heard in this country. 
You will understand, if you are a Malaysian.

The Urbanscapes 2016 had wrapping up with a closing party on 8th May, Mother's Day.
So, let's stay tune for the next!



One year and Nine months Journey

Skipping the One year and Nine months story out in here..
Where I've been? It was a journey which turned me somehow into the present me.

The journey I miss out in previous post, are those awesome stories you never hope to miss.

Okay I was working in Sakura Collection and Adventure Japan, a Japan base company with really good producer who accepted me,
a newbie to join the team. Cant thank her more for all these days.
I was a full time event coordinator and PR, who went through contacting people across countries
(mostly awesome people,heh) planning out events, joining as crew,
become an IT maniac on IG and FB handling few accounts same time, oh and got to travel few countries which I never thought I will!
Most memorable opportunity was to travel back to Japan few times, for work,
coordinator and a very part time model for AJ magazine: as pictures below:

I got to spend a night at the Princess Kitty Room! The stay was awesome as my review on magazine.
I was busy shouting out to HK fans out there to stay because its a must haha!

Room Service Breakfast full of Kitty!
(Where is this? Link to you: )

Got a great far far away bound to the US! For a Sakura Collection debut fashion show in Seattle
and a hangout very chill time in LA. (as if I was Cha Eun Sang from The Heirs, awwww)

Hello to Seattle beautiful models.

This was a selfie in front of the most stunning architecture I saw in Seattle, The Seattle Library!

The breezy sunny day in Manhattan Beach, California, Los Angeles. Best View!

The Starstruck moment stepping on Hollywood Stars Street. 

Stories continue, a dinner on same table with Madam Aki Abe, the spouse of Japan Prime Minister, alongside with 5 Malaysia successful women!
In fact I thought it was an event relating more people than this...Oh well! My greatest honor! 

And then and then, the few events in Pavilion mall, annual Sakura Collection,
and the Msia leading TV station project to shoot a few programs under company invest and support,
roughly could sum up all the things I went through from these missing posts.
I learn how to go on a meeting better now. I think. Haha..

Extra photos from trip to Japan. (3rd Trip to Japan)

 Got to see Mt.Fuji finally on the 4th trip to Japan! In Hakone. 

Took this memorable photo in Master Nobuyoshi Araki studio. The main designers and models of SC 2016 with Master Araki.
We all truly honor to meet and work with him that day afternoon. 
(Who is Araki if you ask? Google him. He is one of Top Photographer in Japan with one-of-a-kind work, don't but please be surprised. :p ) 

Latest Japan Sakura Collection trip with awesome people across Asia who I hope to meet again.
Can you try to spot where am I? 

And photo in short trip (very first) to Bangkok-Thailand, Hanoi-Vietnam, 
adding up not even a photo also I was in Singapore for an afternoon.Haha!

It seems a very hectic journey, well it was. But feels truly great to explore more places,
meet more people, go through more experience and learn more things in life!

*Enjoy not exist if you not even work hard, so don't doubt me for all these fun kay?
Cuz I won't take photo when typing or calling in front of pc all day or in a meeting. ;)

Thankful to every little things which make me, the present me.

Ready for the real up to date post next.. Yes or No?