Oct 25, 2012

Last Friday Night

It's public holiday for this Friday! How wonderful if you find out you actually have three days break from work or school? Hehe...some must already on a trip to somewhere~ However, tomorrow I will have my last assessment day for this mid-sem.. so, holidays=home.

Okay, as it's still early for today's post and i bet it will be boring..I would write about my LAST FRIDAY NIGHT which is AWESOME FUN! ;)

Major in textile n fashion design, I finally got a chance to wear designed by seniors and walked on the runway during the event called MIID Students Rooftop Party organized by Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) which is my campus sponsored by Nippon Paint at Sime Darby Convention Centre, rooftop!

As not all the models for this show is full time models..in fact, they are all seniors students in MIA..We all had a Three Days Strict Training in campus just to try our best and walk the runway almost perfect. So, here's some photos during the rehearsal.
It was raining out there~
With my senior, Doreen a.k.a the Designer of my gown =)

After that, the main day...which I almost full day need to stay energetic! I actually have class in the morning and models had to gather at 12pm...Truely tired but like it lol!
And it's so hot on the roof top @@
Luckily...There are some food for us ~

High tea in the restaurant....but not these dessert...=X

The Stage

 Wristbad and ticket to the party~

Make up and changed~

Finally...selca time..was sweat like hell behind the stage...ish ><

With Jessie Pang..my classmate n monitor....:)

Encik Samsuddin, the lecturer of Textile printing..and he incharge of dripping during the show.

Carmen, the chairman of Fashion society..main planner for this fashion show too....:)

Sharon Boo...The tallest and thinnest girl among the model!! Gorgeous isn't she?

You Sheng, senior and also catwalk guru for this fashion show.

And Lye Chi Xian, the most potential student/ seniors for the sem 6...His shirt is awesome!  

Okay....let's start the stage catwalk show~~~~ Tehee!

Claps claps....for all the crew and designers and helpers n models....;D

Photo session behind the stage...We did it :DD

And after that.....Party time! Haha..

 Cheers for TGIF!

Okay...This is my LAST FRIDAY NIGHT! Enjoy yours TGIF there too! Chaos~

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Oct 4, 2012

A post as short as cup of coffee time ;)

Oh my gosh...how long I've left my dear bloggie alone?
My readers, pls kindly b patient and forgive me for late late post =X

Started my semester two major in fashion and textile for a month plus...
life become pretty hectic with assignments which came silently to my hand...
(* All my classmate agree of that description cuz we never know how much assignments we need to finish till almost last week..lol!)
Well, it's a challenge though~ So I would continue my assignment and be ready for the coming assessment!
Let's hope that I can make some time to blog about new interesting life again soon.. :D

And the latest highlight: I'm posting this short short post with my new new laptop~ Will post abt it too..
Let's guess what brand and color I've choose would u? *Who guess right earn nothing from the blogger :P

Okay, seriously no much time for chit-chating with u through blog~
Till then, kindly wait for my proper post next time..Thx ;)


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