May 12, 2013

Tribal Everywhere

Afternoon peeps, today I'm gonna post about something relates to what I major in now..

I wonder if you noticed too but I've gotten this Tribal thinggy inside my head recently..
In fact, I have to admit it had already becoming a heat of Tribal Fashion in oversea. 

I personally like models with their body to die for wearing hot pants, cropped tribal T with blonde hair and tanned skin, and their hairstyle or accessories perfectly lighten up the style of tribal spirit~ 

If you agree with my statements, you would definitely like these beautiful photos. 

Big YES to cropped tribal and hot pants for youngsters..
Who doesn't want to be a sunny girl in summer? :P

Well, this isn't blonde girl actually..but she looks hot! :)

The hairstyle basically would be : Hair braids, Scarf 

Different look of tribal, more to bohemian and feminine also worth to try.

Gorgeous Taylor's Swift in Bohemian tribal look~ So lovely!

Oppsss...a strong pose for feminine tribal lady? haha~'s some items samples for references and probably can put it in your To-Buy-List?

Latest Ethic style from ZARA:

Believe that tribal is a challenging mix and match with multi-prints and colors right?
But it also can show your creativity and fashion sense through the unique designs~ 

Here comes my Simple Tribal Look of the Day:

Tied up both front part of hair 
(left & right, picks a lil and curl it, bring after the forehead and tied with bands.)
Then pick some hair aside and tie up tiny hair braids.
 (You can tie more if there's plenty of time.)

Then, I would like to have some bracelets on my hand..yup just simple one~ 
These red and yellow one maybe?

Okay, I picked this brown bracelets..well both match well, 
but I pick it to match my shoes and bag.
The upper one would nice to match with my tribal T.

I'm done with casual tribal.. (Tips: a khaki/army green jacket also can match with tribal style as it is in similar tone..but if you are going somewhere hot, just make it simple like I do :) )

Tribal T from TOPSHOP.

Ready to go~! Rock on with tribal fashion today! ; )

Addition..Jang Keun Suk latest released PV:

Nature Boy / Indian Summer 

Ethic and tribal ! :D

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Mother's Day

Yes, It's wonderful mother's day today! Any surprise to your dearest mum so far?
I used to make cards and paper carnations the day before 
and surprised her on the dining table..
But nowadays just too lil time yet thinking to do it in IT style is a hit lol! 
Here is my surprise to her.. a photo with her after edited with sweet sweet words. 

She is the treasure I cherish most in this world..
She's not only my mother, my best friend too! 
Thank you for always be there for me..supporting me on what I've decided to do and yes,
sharing the same story with each other. Luv u~
(planned to treat her nice dinner but just knew that we have to celebrate with my grandma plan changed. Dinner stay, not my treat hehe.)

*And to every mother in this world, 
Happy Mother's Day! 
Stay pretty and healthy. :)

Lotsss of lovessss,

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