Jun 2, 2016

Day 6 & 7- To Philip Island & Great Ocean Road!

Story continue when we catch a night flight bound back to Melbourne from Sydney...
I am missing Sydney too much!

Can I be back to Bondi Beach like now?

We touched down in Avalon airport 19 May night time from Sydney, Avalon is another airport in Melbourne as previous we flew in was in Tullamarine.
This airport was cutely small but still contains everything an airport should have, 
it looks like placed in out of no where haha but No offence! I just purely think it was so special.

Btw, this chips rocks! Get it if you happen to go Australia~ (Not advertising)

Able to grab this pack of The Red Rock Deli chip soy chicken flavor which taste super good 
and  streaming Youtube after days living without free wifi like FINALLY in Avalon airport..
There's so less people in here that we could play the video with all sound on~
AC car arrived like 1st day we arrive Melbourne not long after, but this time 
hoho someone finally in the car waiting for us. She is Ms.Shin Liew! 
Finally kick off the bloody dengue fever and she arrived on same day evening Yay!
(*I was shouting her name back in the Blue Mountain and Sydney Habour, how much I hope to meet her asap!)

We all were so tired to do anything except head back to have a nice sleep for tomorrow.

20 May 2016- Day 6
Today schedule was to the Melbourne city and to take a lotsss of photos haha!
Head to the city and first stop, Melbourne Central, a shopping center/office building/railway station.
This building had an iconic glass cone, a nice Marionette fob watch which perform every hour, 
and of course many Australia brands under the roof!
The Glass Cone I snapped from bottom to top is the largest glass structure of its type in the world
with 20 storeys high, weighs 490 tonnes and has 92 glass panes.
Upon the center opening it was referred to as the "Magic Cone"! Magically sharp angle!

We were lucky to see the watch performance when AC called us to be there!
The marionette display drops down from the bottom of the watch with Australian galahs,
cockatoos and two minstrels performing Waltzing Matilda, under the watchful gaze of some koalas.
Watch and listen the harmony Waltzing Matilda below:

After JunYuan got his GAP shirts and I got my Lovisa.au accessories, we hopped to next location by walk.

Reaching a nice building which a statue in the middle was the legendary State Library Victoria!
I can't wait longer to see the interior and scream another Wow!
Not to forgot took a lift to higher floor for a better view on the octagon design of study desks.

I bet we will go library more often if we have this library in town heh!

Walked out from the library, I saw two men start playing the chess in a serious mood.
Without further ado, a photo of them and photo of us moving on to next place.

On the way to China Town where you can find most Chinese signboards here, 
they sell cheap Nougats and lotions and toy Koala and Kangaroo leather etc.. 
simply ask a few shops before made a decision to buy in the cheapest one.

Whoa bumped into H&M lovely bareheaded ladies living in a big house!
You know Msia H&M ladies have smoothest hair in all the mannequins actually if you ever notice.
But what a big H&M outlet yea!

Next, the Flinder Street Station which not cover in darkness this time.

Hectic like KL Sentral here with crowd walking here and there..
Love how they show the time and every railway line on the building itself.

There's so many lanes and arcades in Melbourne here. But...
When you see a colorful lane in Melbourne, it shown pretty much how urban can merge into the city buildings so well, 
as if there's a quirky dress up artist standing beside a suit up business man.
So much contrast yet this made Melbourne look so much happening!

This was in Hosier Lane, one of the location I marked to go.

A photo definitely win a hundred words here, 
in fact grabbing photos became quite challenging with all this crowd.

*I hate this when stress up to take a 2nd snap 
because everyone lining up behind you to to take on the same background...-.-

Head to Operator 25 Cafe for our lunch before driving to Philip Island.

This cafe serve ridiculously delicious fusion food! 
A table of unique fusion goodness satisfied our taste buds to the max. Behold!
From your left: Black Bun soft shell crab
Matcha Almond Hotcakes with grilled pear
The notorious BBQ pork Benedict with fried wonton skin
and the last but not least, Laksa Chicken!

You can see how special on the menu itself right? 
I wish to go back for these and try on their coffee cuz they should taste as good as the meal!

Long drive away from the city, we were heading to the Philip Island for lovely Penguinsss!
I wasn't sure how I will be able to watch them until I got there!
Sitting on bench in a very cold weather with the crowd after sunset (90% darkness) and slowly, 
I saw some white bulging creatures appear out from the water surface, 
these were the cute little penguins coming back home from fishing in day time!

It was actually so fun to see them cowardly quick walking back home in a family 
after checking there's no sea gulls who might eat them. 
Well, there's no sea gull luckily but many people yelling when they see them for sure..
Hope they don't get scared by us.
(*We could not take a photo even by phone according to the authorities rules, 
because as I believe the camera flash or any strong lighting will harm the penguins or scare them out.)

After sending the penguins home, we were able to see them standing in bushes (their home) up close!

And we witness a group of 5 penguins still on their way walking back home right beside our footpath so we got to walked together!
Every bushes they went home one by one, like a train stops to their station which drove me crazy for their overload cuteness!
Oh and a silly one walked on the opposite side of the path, causing all human have to stop and close the road for few second, 
so it could cross the human path to go back joining it family!
Too much cuteness with their silly footsteps oh my gosh~

Before I fainted in front of these penguins, we got to see their exhibition hall which show you
basically everything you should know about them, their grow up process, 
and different species in different countries in the world.

Okayyy, let's try to merge in the team and be one of them shall we?

After Philip Island we were heading back for a movie date!
Of course the movie showing time will not delay 
so we hurry grab some Jessie's Pizza and Subway on the way.

Whaaat if you sayin: Aiyo no cinema in Malaysia meh? Why spend more to watch there?
Hmm... I bet there's no Drive In Cinema in Malaysia yet huh? Hehehe Yes we went to Drive In cinema for X-Men: Apocalypse!
The cinema located on empty space and more likely a parking lot. 
Then you'll park where a big screen in front of you and grab 2 things: 
The speaker, and very healthy flavor popcorn (Only popcorn and some salt and pepper).

The drive in cinema was so special but watching through the car steering made my neck hurts.
Also, sorry to X-Men fans but seriously this episode not my favorite and I think it could get a better plot or twist than this.
Anyway, it was my very first time to watch movie in car here in Melbourne!And I definitely grateful AC could make this happened! 
Call it a night then with new memories on our journey.

21 May 2016- Day 7
Big Plan today!

Woke up 8AM like usual, we started to pack some food at the kitchen with a low temperature indoor 
(Melbourne turned colder every day when we were there, and I think winter is reaching very soon)
We were preparing Dips and Milo for a simple breakkie before depart, 
and some materials to-cook-later in our journey.

Driving to Coles first, we shopped for more ingredients because BBQ by the seaside was the plan!
Putting so much meat in our basket, beef..pork,,lamb and Kangaroo!
Some nice sausages that we know gonna taste good from the appearance 
and a box of potatoes vege salad to balance our lunch of the day.

Our ingredients on table, cost us quite much for this self cook meal though:

Boys: Happy to cook
Girls: Happy to eat!

We were lucky to found perfect BBQ spot: seaside+stove+water tap+tables and chairs+parking somewhere on the way to Great Ocean Road!
Have a tacit understanding we cooked all the stuff and tasting the meal with full energy!
Okay it gonna sound so cruel but Kangaroo meat was heavenly good!  So juicy and delicious to bet the beef down.

Here comes some sizzling sounds live! 

Fancy beverages perfect for BBQ/Picnic provided by AC.

Also, I got to eat beloved garlic bread yayy!
Good kids cleaned up everything after BBQ party, frankly we washed everything we used and cooked into shiny space again, 
and one local uncle came to us just to say Thank you!
He probably got touched seeing us clean up so hard while running his dog nearby. 
With proud we were verified as good tourist heh.

Kept everything in car like flash, we continue our long journey, to Great Ocean Road!
Our destination for the road was the well known- The Twelve Apostles!

Video? click here:
The road was quite bumping and bending so I filmed this video in a dizzy mood hahaha.

Officially enter the Great Ocean Road!
On the way...we saw grass mud horse which I didn't took a picture.

Lots of hungry birds on a toilet stop~

The bird on my shoulder whispered to me: Feed me Feed me~ hahaha

Sleepy Koala still sleeping!

The stacking rocks which not create by nature but human too!

Reached the Twelve Apostles just on time before the sun goes down.
The nature beauty killed my camera SD card remaining space again but worth it!

If you hope to see the moving visual, here you go:

Waving goodbye to the cliffs, AC drove us to Colac for a night here at Otway Gate Motel.
Dinner was at local fast food outlet not far away: 
Red Roasters set and some snacks (cranberries, lamington cake and wine) back in motel.

Wrap our night off in a motel look so much like a scene of 007 James Bond but big enough for a comfy and fun night.
(We arrive and depart when the sun was off so I didn't took a photo of these special motel we stayed overnight)

Before I stop this post, listen to this song call -HOME by Michael Buble:

This was the song we listen again and again during the long way in car these two days,
guess our dear friend AC really miss HOME much.

Till next post.