Apr 16, 2012


New style of snapping a pic~
Hehee...Wonder if it look good??

Before I start to write about the title of this post...I must never forgot to let you know the great event I went this week!!
It's the Mid Valley Fashion Week!! Showcasing the latest Spring Summer fashion by almost all TOP brand located in Mid Valley~!

For you guys who had been there will definitely amazed by the gorgeous and smart fashion from the runway...Hmm, I'm one of them..Haha! Well, if you didn't went to Mid Valley and join the show..Guess what?? You can go on next weekend cuz its actually held as long as two weeks!
If you will be very free on next Saturday and Sunday, you can go for a look for the fashion show~
(*It's at the main stage in Megamall-Where you have no worry can't find the exact place.)
There's about five show from famous brand like Voir, Padini, ROXY etc in the weekend!
If you interested in fashion, is a must to GO! ^^ More info:

So..Some great pics..From bYSI !!
The flowery dress with long back is the Spring Summer MUST ITEM!!
 My favorites among all.....
I think this is so gorgeous!!

Yea, its all from bYSI.

Next from TREATS...*Well thats Forever 21 before this, but I missed out cause was having my lunch in Korean Cusine named Kyung Joo...I can't tell how sad I was...only able to see the finale of the show from 2nd floor...;( 

This is amazing~ Like the soft Color match! <3
Cute cowgirl or country style is <3

Gorgeous long dress~
And the hit tight pants with sharp color!
Awesome show that brought my sadness away~
 And the last one--Rufffey
Colorful trendy

Office wear
This is my fav..Love the jacket so much! ^^

They also have men's fashion too!

That's Rufffey~

If you wish to see more photos ,click here: Mid Valley Fashion Week Photos

Next...It's finally about my title of this post..我们..这一班。
It's a GREAT MEMORABLE AWESOME event for all 6G-2006 members in Full House, Cheras Qiant.
A memorable moment..let it stay with us 4ever.

With my "long time no see" sis ~ Finally a pic in the holidays? XD

Cool smile from Amanda, Ken Yee and De Jun.
Guess what, we played 围棋,the game we all used to play in primary school...LOL!
And Jolynn was so excited to hold her pen and play this again after five years!! Well, she still good..I mean, Won!! XD

My jing yi sis with a nerdy glasses..^.<
Yea, the organizer of this event, Jessica Yap(White shirt with a smiley face)..Thanks her to plan such a great event!!!
It's our 纪念册 wrote before we graduate in primary....Such a memorable one!!!<3

We had been discussed for another coming event...Let's make it happen and join by more peoples!
Yup, it's all serious cause the gathering is a bonding for all of us who really meet up very lil... =D
By this, I hope our bond would be there forever, no strangers...just classmates+good friends!

那些日子已成为我们永远的回忆 ,