Dec 13, 2011

This is Life~

Back to my fun life after the exam...
Went to join my friends to celebrate the "Novies & Decies's Birthday"
at Papparich, Taman Midah.

It was my first time to that restaurant and it's way much bigger than the one near my house.
Yea,I like the atmosphere very much~Especially we all booked a room just for the celebration!
Snapped few pic down the Christmas Tree..

*Wonder how many pic of Christmas tree I could collect in this Christmas season..=P
Had a nice dinner,played murderer game again...and photos..
It was a nice moment with you all ^^
& Happy Belated Birthday again to the Birthday girls n boys.

Continue my fun holidays at the Golden Triangle in KL.
Pavilion came out awesome purple Christmas tree in this year! What a nice choice~!

Not much in Sungai Wang..I remembered last few years was a Swan Lake theme...;(

Then, its just so "Times Square" designed for Times Square...
Haha, quite same for every year I mean.
Well, the favorite was not Christmas Tree in that shopping trip, but BEARS!

There was a Bear event going on at Pavilian outdoor, full with cute huge bears~
Lovely couple Golden Bear was my fav...they brought PEACE messages if you notice.

Then the cute and only bear who smile with tooth and wore sport shoes..It's M'sia's Bear~!

This one was from Thailand..Love the design so much..^^

Can you imagine that whole street near Pavilian was full of bears from all over the country?
It's really amazing~! ^^
There's a special one too...Albert Einstein!

Oh yea, I finally found the Tokyo Street in Pavilian..
after a long period knew that the street had opened...(*Pity me ><)

Saw a guy wore a 30cm high heels shoes at there~and he was so skinny like a stick!!
Sorry abt that but he really did scared me! First thing came to my mind was...
What's wrong with my eyes? LOL! (*Don't be silly! I'm fine!)
Yes I am..Just suddenly met a "Guy Gaga"!!!! That's all~ xD

Hmm...this is actually my first bowl of Snowflake...I know I'm outdated..;(
but it's freaking awesome taste! *I ordered the Japanese Combo~ ^^
What's your favorite bowl of Snowflake? Do introduce nice one for me~

And Lastly....It's a JYJ poster seat for me in Korean Cushine Restaurant in Times Square!
How could I resist to eat in that restaurant huh? Nice lunch time with JYJ at my back...=)

Finished my nice shopping journey with zero clothes but hundred Happiness! ^^

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