Mar 16, 2012

FUN-ky days

Pheww...Ended my working life today~ Finally got time to upload picture..hehe~
I wonder what's my friends busy doing while I'm busy like hell...
Some just "Goyang Kaki" and "Tengok TV" at hommy wo~ Envy enough!
But guess what? I finally join this group LOL!
Rush to movie with my mummy n drank a Starbucks like I wish everyday..
(While Im working...=P)

So, It's photos time!! Yea, last post was till half about the Hewsinsanity Gang
and ChingHui Birthday Celebration....Photos finally in my computer after my friends posted.
Wee~ Nice memories again!

Big family pic in Full House Qiant, Batu 9.

The Birthday Boy and Girl~ Hope they like the....special Candles XD

I like this cool purple car~!! How about you?

Heading to Leisure Mall for movie-Mr & Mrs Gamble!!

Another day...For Hewinsanity Gathering.

We ate "Guat Bowl Steamboat" Hahaha~
And I never meet Mr.Hew my english teacher for so long time!!! ><

Kelly Kua~~

We actually went to 2nd round...meeting ChingHui's and party gang at Kaki Corner.

Me...Snapped by the Paparazzi of the day-Ru Shii =P
Call me Bunny Jie Jie XD

That's another one...Failed captured hahaha!
Call me Bunny Hand! Weeee~~ Peace Me Love!

Looking forward for more fun and happy photos from me...
Being a non-working people....Freedom? Lalala.

Micky & Minnie "glasses" ....with my Jaejoong NII sweater.
Just captured.

See ya,

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