Nov 9, 2012

Another Rock'in Friday

Bunny me~ Inspired by Playboy..#Animalimitation

It's another freaking cool Friday last week..Attended senior's farewell party in CEO, Farenheit 88
As the theme is creative animal imitation, I decided to play a role as rabbit/bunny instead of wearing some other animal prints like leopard, lion or something..haha just wanna be a cute n playful bunny ;)

Having been class for the morning session, I actually not in energetic mood to *jump around in the party..
but did enjoy my best for sure..So so fun to join a party with theme..feel extremely cool!
Not really sing in the party though but seeing everyone really enjoy is more than enough..Oh ya, we did danced Gangnam style together too..LOL!

Okay ready for photos~~ ;DD
White tiger, leopard n rabbit 

On my right, white wolf ^^

with this Cute white tiger 

Haha..cute cute expression all da way XD

When the wild

Crazy crazy like drunk
sem 2 gang who went to the party ^^V

Arghhh...sccare till me XD
Can u guess waht animal he is? haha..He got the best costume of the day! 

Black and White Rabbit

Fierce n friendly can be friends, belief it :)

Jie ying



Chee Yeng

Posing haha XD

Rabbit got caught by leopard TT

See they so enjoy ^^

Like a mini music concert haha
The 1st time gather with all of seniors in same department...wohoo!
And lastly..Group Photoss~~

Like my Friday so much~ Say goodbye to the OOTD Bunny of just one day ^^

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